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Laser Scanning also commonly known as High Definition Surveying or As-built Engineering Services is a method of accuracy mapping/reality capture. It deals with brown field projects and provides an accelerated acquisition of accurate 3D data in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Laser Scanning has achieved wide acceptance in the infrastructure, transportation, architectural fields as well as industrial and civil engineering sectors. From retrofitting jobs to capturing accurate dimensions of architectural and heritage buildings, manufacturing plants and oil & gas plants, Laser Scanning gives organization the flexibility and confidence to take the right decisions on the project, by minimizing construction time and improving project workflow.

Cronquest provides complete End-to-End 3D Laser Scanning services across the globe, making it easier for organizations to meet their business requirements. Cronquest’s laser scanning team take point clouds as inputs and create 3D models in the clients preferred format. The models are created with accuracy and a level of detail required by the client.

Our team of highly experienced professionals has worked on hundreds of projects and is always looking out to enhance their capabilities, by keeping themselves updated with new software and technologies in the industry.


2D Deliverables

At Cronquest, we produce highly accurate and detailed 2D documentation using point clouds. 2D deliverables can be generated and delivered in a wide range of formats and level of details customized to meet the client’s requirements. We help clients with 2D deliverables like Plans, Sections, Elevations, Topographic surveys. Our 2D CAD services include Floor plans creations, Cross-sectional plans, Roof framing & Foundation plans, Reflected ceiling plans, CAD conversion, Survey based Site plans & Landscape plans, Interior plans, Elevations & Side views, 3D views of Residential and multistory houses from point clouds.

3D CAD Modeling

The point cloud density information provides many advantages, but it also comes with its shares of difficulties. The majority relies on a manual process. Our highly enthusiastic team of experts at Cronquest is extremely skilled in manipulation and conversion of point cloud data into CAD and BIM models.

Texturing(Photo Draping)

Creation of As-built 3D CAD models and textured 3D CAD models from point clouds are also easily handled by our team of experts. Using either generic or true textures, textured models can be produced. The final delivery models are produced depending on the Level of Detail and the accuracy required by the client. It is delivered in the format preferred by the client.

3D Mesh Modeling

We provide 3D Mesh models for clients who want vector representation of naturally shaped or irregular shaped objects. Depending on the level of detail required by the client, the point cloud is converted by triangles into a surface. Size of the triangle is inversely proportional to the density of the model and size of the file. We also apply true colors to the mesh, depending on the client’s requirement.

Walkthrough and Animation

Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming the mainstream across many areas of our everyday life. Cronquest helps clients delineate the real look and feel of interiors and exteriors with this application. Walk Through applications:

  • Marketing promotions for newly constructed structures, complexes etc

  • Virtual training (health and safety) for vessels, buildings etc

  • Fire escape route virtual training

  • Educational purposes

  • Promotion of townships & cities, commercial complexes, heritage sites, hotels, museums etc.

3D Solid Modeling

3D Solid Modelling is done by Cronquest’s experienced team of engineers and draftsmen, where we help our clients understand the true design of the product before it is constructed. This is very popular in the fields of Automobiles, Aircraft and Vessels manufacturing.


Our highly skilled team has experience in as-built surveys and as-built modeling over a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas refineries, Manufacturing plants and Chemical plants. Our PDMS services include creation of intelligent models and databases for industry, offshore and related.

PDMS is a not just a spatial representation of objects but a detailed database where it was specifically created for the design of new chemical installations from the early to the final detailed design. Cronquest works with clients to create cost-effective solution customized as per the requirements.

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