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Photogrammetry Services Cronquest


Photogrammetry is an efficient and convenient way of updating mapping solutions, as it uses Aerial Photographs to measure objects saving on time and cost.

Photogrammetry has been widely used for land use & city planning, construction, site development, natural disasters, agricultural forecasting, surveying, facility & utility management and initial design of roadways and water distribution verticals.

Cronquest with the help of the captured data helps organisations obtain high quality and cost-effective mapping solutions in a timely manner.


Stereo Compilation/Vector Mapping

Vector mapping is a 3D representation of the earth surface features used for Modeling and Geo Spatial analysis. Cronquest provides accurate digital vector extraction in industry standard formats in cost-effective and timely manner making sure the quality is as per the expectations.

Aerial Triangulation

Aerial Triangulation represents the mathematical process of establishing accurate relationships between the individual image coordinate systems and a defined datum and projection (ground). Cronquest’s main objective of aerial triangulation is to produce from ground control, sufficient points in the photogrammetric models to ensure that each model can be oriented precisely as required for stereo compilation in either line mapping or Orthophoto.


Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) are ground surface terrain or topography representations. Elevation data is captured in the form of points with break lines and defined intervals. Cronquest uses DEM to draw contours to further produce good quality Orthophotos. A Digital Terrain Model represents the terrain accurately to generate contours to meet the required standards. The levels of accuracy are produced according to the client’s requirements.

Orthophoto Generation

Orthophoto is an aerial photograph free from relief distortions, anomalies arising from camera & aircraft’s flying attitude. Cronquest generates Orthophoto that combines the image characteristics of an aerial photograph with the geometric qualities of a map showing all ground features in their correct ground positions facilitating direct measurement of angles, areas, ground features and distances that may be generalized on traditional maps. An Orthophoto fulfills a fundamental role as a geometrically accurate base map.

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