Light Detection and Ranging better known as LiDAR uses laser light to measure terrain features in an efficient and accurate manner. LiDAR is a remote sensing method which is one of the fastest methods of Mapping. LiDAR is extensively used for city planning, power-line utility mapping, forestry, flood risk mapping, oil & gas exploration surveying, Coastal zone mapping, Engineering and Construction(like construction of dams, highways etc). Cronquest’s highly experienced team works with various industries to provide LiDAR  data processing services to generate accurate and error free data in a timely manner.


LiDAR data processing services enable the electrical utility industry with planning and maintenance of electric networks efficiently. LidAR classification is widely used by watershed delineation and crop assessment mapping in the agricultural sectors. Cronquest’s dedicated LiDAR team helps create precise 3D terrain and as-built structural data. Our team generates accurate height data and intensity images to model detailed surface of the earth.


Cronquest offers


LiDAR data processing of agricultural features, electrical utilities, forest areas, oil & gas networks


  • Point cloud classification
  • Watershed delineation and Flood Mapping
  • 3D City Modelling
  • DTM and contours generation
  • Feature extraction
  • Point cloud colourization and image overlay
  • Noise Removal


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